2017/18 Riverwise Magazine Harvest Edition!

Riverwise Magazine Harvest Edition!

Riverwise’s latest edition is out around town!

The new edition of Riverwise Magazine is out in your favorite stores and community spaces. Enjoy these reflections on a season of active imagination, seeds sown, love labored, growth, and manifestations of the work that feeds our souls! Regardless of the weather or political climate, the Detroit we are fighting for is full of life; so this edition highlights voices of radical hope.

Riverwise Magazine has launched a fundraising campaign to build our capacity and to sustain our work. We are looking to raise around $9,000 with the hopes of being not only a sustainable project, but one thriving for and by the power of our emerging and converging communities.

As a community and a collective, we exist to give voice to new visions for liberated life in Detroit. We beat the streets every quarter to distribute issues full of dynamic stories, political analysis, artwork, and community-centered updates. We want to grow our capacity to do necessary work as a project in constructing a new commons, building a home for our future.

Expanded capacity means helping to sustain artists, writers, all content creators, and the small team that supports contributors. Growing the reach of our work also includes relaunching our website as a resource of accessibility for our readers and our community. Riverwise Magazine is growing: we are growing our story-telling capacity, a digital commons, our community spaces, and growing new voices and a new vision for Detroit’s future; Riverwise’s growth includes you!


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Necessary in Dire Times: New Voices, New Vision

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