Rethinking Education with the North Dakota Study Group By Kimberley Sherobbi

Rethinking Education with the North Dakota Study Group

By Kimberley Sherobbi

KimAt a time in our country when many people have given up on public education, there is a group of educators who believe that their voices and influence can make a positive difference in the educational lives and experiences of children no matter what type of school they attend. Hence, the North Dakota Study Group (NDSG) continues to meet every summer to plan for its Annual Meeting. NDSG participates consists of all levels of educators from across the country. Some NDSG participates have been gathering to discuss, debate and support ideas about education for over 42 years. The Boggs Center has been part of this process for nearly a decade.

This summer, planning took place in South Texas at the Llano Grande House. The Llano Grande House is a community space in Elsa, Texas which is located near the border of Mexico. At Llano Grande, students and other community members are taught how to make meaningful connections between school and cultural education, breaking down the walls between school and community learning.

NDSG Annual Meeting planners selected the theme Moimento Sin Fronteras (Movement without Borders) for the 2016 gathering. The Annual Meeting will be held in South Texas during the month of February. Participates in the Meeting will examine and address educational trends like opting out of testing, restorative justice practices, and race relations.  During the planning session, one planner stated that NDSG Annual Meeting is not a conference. It is a process. It’s a way to commit to living life.

The NDSG Annual Meeting should prove to be a very engaging and insightful experience for anyone who attends. If you want to learn more about NDSG or register for its Annual Meeting, go to The Boggs Center will be organizing a group from Detroit as well.