Visionary Organizing Rich Feldman and Kim Sherobbi

Visionary Organizing
Rich Feldman and Kim Sherobbi 

BC_logoWe are committed to moving beyond protest to resistance and visionary organizing. As we work to create the movement for the Next American Revolution we oppose the systems of racism, capitalism and militarism as we create a new culture based on community production of goods and services for local needs, emphasizing indigenous values. We believe that evolution in the 21st century is an emerging concept, moving beyond socialist ideas. It is based upon projections, not rejections and the need to change ourselves in order to change our institutions.

Visionary Organizing emerged in the 1990s as we made the distinction between creating power and taking power. It was integral to the creation of Detroit Summer in 1992 and to the Zapatistas when they emerged in 1994 in Chiapas, Mexico.  Now is the time to re-imagine, re-spirit and rebuild our lives and ways of living from the ground up. 

Essential to our thinking of visionary organizing is a commitment to creating and supporting places and spaces for individuals to grow our souls, sustain ourselves, deepen our healthy selves and thus heal from decades and generations of internalized pain, abuse, and violence.  Social change and institutional change in the birth of a new epoch cannot be separated from personal, individual & internal change.  After the Rebellion of 1967 in Detroit, James and Grace Boggs wrote that a revolution required that we Change Ourselves to Change our World.

The principles guiding visionary organizing are based upon a commitment to change our culture of materialism through meaningful forms of cooperative economics and the creation of the beloved community.  By creating productive, caring, regenerative community life, we grow our souls, heal and transform ourselves and challenge the forces of injustice threatening to destroy all life.

Visionary Organizing is creating local sustainable economies through community production, food security, place based education and self-governing democratic processes. It is art that expands our vision and our hearts. It emerges as people “turn war zones into peace zones.” Community production, putting the neighbor back in the hood, growing a garden to grow a community, turning to one another for support and love, and redefining education all hold the seeds of a new future. They represent a shifting of the paradigm from the old ways of doing things, to opening new possibilities.

A Movement committed to visionary organizing is emerging from the relationships being forged as we build alternative community based structures and as we resist the violence and dehumanization of capital-corporate consolidation and control. We are establishing and strengthening networks, activities, and organizations and creating a new, more humane and socially responsible future.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the Detroit Rebellion in 2017, it is our time to move from rebellion and opposition to resistance and visionary organizing. The Next American Revolution is emerging around us.

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