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Prilosec online without prescription, Read here and update from Allied Media Projects on the planning process for the 12th annual Allied Media Conference, to be held June 18-20, 2010 in Detroit:

Every year following the Allied Media Conference (AMC), tons of ideas for new tracks emerge.  In the past, Allied Media Projects (AMP) staff have coordinated several broad tracks at the AMC: Youth; INCITE!; Media, Education and Movement-Building; Policy; How-to and Kids.  This year we want to break those large, general track categories into smaller, self-organized tracks (each one hosting 2-4 sessions at the AMC).  We want the process of organizing an AMC track to support year-round collaboration between organizations and individuals in the AMP network.  Our goal with this new structure is to de-centralize the AMC content-development process and to grow the AMP network's ownership and management of the conference.

Guidelines for proposing a track

  • Proposals must come from two or more organizations OR individuals in two or more cities, buy prilosec internet. Fda approved prilosec,
  • Proposals must center media, technology, buy discount prilosec, Buy prilosec canada, art or other creative communication strategies
  • Each accepted track must identify two point people to act as coordinators and participate in the AMC2010 Advisory Board
  • We encourage proposals that advance strategies for transformative social justice organizing
  • We encourage proposals that grow out of and support year-round collaboration

November 23rd, 2009: Deadline to submit an AMC2010 track proposal
November - December, prilosec buy, Cheap prilosec from uk, 2009: Track proposal review process
January 2010: AMC2010 tracks announced
January - June 2010: Track coordinators participate in regular track-planning meetings with AMP staff (avg. 4 hours per month)
January - June 2010: Track coordinators participate in AMC2010 Advisory Board conversations to foster intersection between tracks and develop the vision for the conference (avg, cheap prilosec in canada. Cheap prilosec in uk, 4 hours per month)

Track proposal form
The online form will be available at later this month.  These are the questions it will ask:
  • Who is proposing this track.
  • What is the proposed name of this track, prilosec online without prescription.
  • Who are the two point people for this track, discount prilosec without prescription. No prescription prilosec,
We appreciate hearing all the details you have at this point, but no more than a short paragraph is necessary for the following questions.
  • What prior work has led to this track proposal (past collaborations, find cheap prilosec, Purchase prilosec no rx, AMC workshops or caucus discussions, planning conversations, buy cheap prilosec online, Generic prilosec online, etc.).
  • What are some of the skills and concepts you will share with the AMP network through your track, cheapest prilosec online. Order discount prilosec,
  • How will the process of organizing this track and the time spent together at AMC2010 support the year-round work of the organizations/individuals who are proposing the track.
  • Prilosec online without prescription, What communities and organizations will you outreach to in the process of organizing this track.
  • Are you aware of any other AMC2010 track proposals that would intersect or compliment your track proposal, buy prilosec in us. Buy discount prilosec online,
  • How will you fundraise to get participants in this track to the AMC.
  • What support will you need from AMP in order to coordinate this track, cheap prilosec in usa. Drug prilosec online purchase,

Can you give an example of what a track would look like in this new structure? 
Here's one: There are groups all around the country using media to organize for immigrant justice in Spanish-speaking communities.  Five of these organizations identified the need for a Spanish-language track at the AMC, where these groups can share skills and strategies and build alliances with other networks of media organizers. They created a website to communicate with each other throughout the year and develop a vision for the track.  Over the next year they will assess the media training needs and resources of their communities to determine the most useful and innovative skill-shares and strategy sessions for the track.  They will hold fundraiser/outreach events to mobilize their network to participate in AMC2010.

If I don't submit a track proposal now, will I still have an opportunity to submit an individual session proposal later in the year? 
Yes.  We will do a call for session proposals in the early Spring of next year.  

Do the organizations collaborating on a track proposal have to be in different locations?  
No, but the more geographically-diverse network of folks involved in a track, the better.

Can I call you to talk about my ideas for a track and ask other questions?  
Please email to schedule a phone or Skype meeting.


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