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Biaxin online without prescription, Dear Friends,

As readers of the Boggs Blog, you probably know that the Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership was founded in 1995 by friends and associates of James Boggs and Grace Lee Boggs to honor and continue their legacy as movement activists and theoreticians.

Since then BCNCL has increasingly become a space for theoretical discussions, organizing activities, and creating new forms of practice while at the same time providing a safe place for conversation for individuals to ask hard questions of ourselves and others, order cheap biaxin.

In the last six months, as the movement has been gathering momentum, Biaxin online cheap, Boggs Center meetings have been filled to capacity with participants from Detroit, the suburbs, southeast Michigan, and beyond, cheapest biaxin online.

On two weekends this fall we were honored to host the national board meeting of the Allied Media Conference (AMC) as well as the national Another Politics is Happening gathering.

During the summer we celebrated Grace’s 94th birthday with Danny Glover and more than 350 people from across Detroit and our country. Grace has recently traveled to New York, Atlanta, and Chicago to share the story of Detroit and discuss the theory and the practice that engages each of us as we look towards 2010, biaxin online without prescription. Canadian biaxin,

  • The University of Michigan is awarding Grace an Honorary Doctorate for her community leadership and activism.
  • Grace’s “Living for Change” and Shea’s “Thinking for Ourselves” columns appear weekly in the Michigan Citizen.
  • Monthly Review Press has re-issued James and Grace’s 1974 Revolution and Evolution in the 20th Century featuring Grace’s new introduction and James 1963 The American Revolution, Notes from a Negro Worker's Notebook with a new introduction by Grace and commentaries by six other Detroit activists.
  • Ron Scott and the Coalition Against Police Brutality have initiated the pioneering concept and practice of Peace Zones for Life as part of Detroit- City of Hope.
  • Julia Putnam, Detroit Summer first 1992 volunteer, at the age of 16, biaxin online review, is working with other Detroiters to initiate the innovative Boggs Education Center (

In November 2009, the Boggs Center co-sponsored a diverse Detroit delegation to travel to Greensboro, Biaxin for order, N.C. for the historic 30th anniversary of the tragic killing of five labor and community organizers by the KKK in 1979, forging an even stronger bond between Detroit and the Beloved Community of Greensboro.

These activists continue to show the importance that uniting practice with new ideas takes time, biaxin us, nurturing relationships, reflections, Order biaxin no prescription required, challenging conversations, and a commitment to learn from practice and theory. This is the essence of the Boggs Center. Biaxin online without prescription, Detroit captures the imagination of national and international film-makers, writers, and artists. Our increasingly popular Detroit tours help visitors to appreciate the history of Detroit and at the same time get a sense that Another Detroit is Emerging in the urban gardens, order biaxin no prescription, new forms of education, work, Price of biaxin, peace zones for life and beloved community, and the continuing efforts to create a local sustainable economy and participatory democracy. The 2007 Detroit City of Hope ( explores the creation of a city wide network/web which deepens our conversation and celebrates the work of many individuals and community based organizations and activities.

In June 2010 the Allied Media Conference ( and the US Social Forum ( will both convene in Detroit, discount biaxin no rx. Thousands of people from the region, the country, Order biaxin overnight delivery, and the world will have an opportunity to see the love, dedication, and legacy of individuals who are creating a 21st century movement from the ashes of the industrial age.

The theoretical and organizing work of the Boggs Center, and especially our understanding of evolution or the relationship of revolution to human evolution will continue to play an important role in creating this movement, biaxin online without prescription.

To meet this challenge we need your moral and material support, buying biaxin. As winter approaches, we need to raise $15, Biaxin, 000 for our utility bills (averaging $1000/month), our upkeep, maintenance and programming. We have replaced our roof ($15, buy biaxin no prescription required,000) and our front porch ($2500) and we now need to replace all our windows.

BCNCL is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax-deductible. Your checks payable to the Boggs Center can be sent to the

Biaxin online without prescription, Boggs Center3061 Field StreetDetroit, Mi 48214

OR online donations can be made through pay pal and/or your credit card at here. Biaxin overnight shipping, We look forward to your visiting the Boggs Center during the AMC and the USSF. See you in Detroit.

In Love and Struggle.

For the Boggs Center:Barbara, find biaxin online, Grace, Joanne, Biaxin no prescription, Kerry, Kim, Larry, Mike, buy generic biaxin online, Rick, Ron, Order biaxin without prescription, Scott, Shari, Shea, Stephen.


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