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Buy zetia without prescription, Ask for your Support 2012 Boggs Center December 11, 2011 in Get Involved James and Grace Lee Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership Dear Friends, We are writing to ask for your support as we come to the close of an amazing year. The hope of Arab Spring, zetia online sale, Zetia professional, the courage of Wisconsin, and boldness of the OWS movement have inspired all of us, zetia for sale. Zetia canada, At the same time the decades of patient, persistent work of the Boggs Center has escalated, buy zetia low price. Cheap zetia in uk, The publications of The Next American Revolution by Grace Boggs and Scott Kurashige and The James Boggs Reader: Pages from a Black Radical’s Notebook, edited by Stephen Ward, discount zetia without prescription, Buy cheapest zetia, have introduced us to a much wider audience with speaking tours, interviews and book signings, find zetia on internet. Cost of zetia, Daily we find ourselves talking with people about the fundamental differences between rebellions and revolutions, changing ourselves to change our world, zetia medicine, Canadian zetia, and looking beyond jobs to the creation of real and meaningful work. We hosted three major gatherings this year, buy zetia without prescription. In June Vincent Harding, cheap zetia from usa, Buy zetia on internet, Michelle Alexander and Bob Moses came to Detroit to talk with us about the importance of resisting mass incarceration in the midst of a dying Empire. In October we joined several organizations to hold ReImagining Work, find zetia, Purchase zetia online, bringing together grassroots activists who are creating new ways of living with national and international thinkers Vandana Shiva, Gar Alperovitz, buy zetia online without prescription, Buy no rx zetia, and Frithjof Bergman. (Grace and Friends at the ReImagining Work Gathering) You can read a wonderful account of the gathering written by Olga B on our web site, zetia in bangkok. Cheapest zetia prices, In December we also hosted ‘ReImagining Organizing, Movements and Leadership’ bringing together organizers, artists and activists to develop ways to converge network efforts to create a larger movement–something Margaret Wheatley calls, “emergence.” Meanwhile the Center remains a focal point for local organizing as Detroit has captured the national imagination both for our possibilities and our discontents. Buy zetia without prescription, Approaching her 97th birthday, Grace continues to write, speak, meet and challenge our thinking about “what time it is, on the clock of the world.” This spring we are planning to engage young people in Detroit 2012: A Summer of Hope. We anticipate bringing together 250 young people from in the city and around the country to work with emerging leadership, deepening community ties through peace zones, urban gardens, creating new practices of work, place-based education models, reclaiming homes and learning from one another and the spirit of change in our city. Please send your still tax-deductible contribution by clicking the yellow DONATE button on our website, or send a check directly to the Boggs Center at 3061 Field Street, Detroit, MI 48214. And plan to join us in Detroit in June.

In love and struggle, Rick, Ron, and Shea for the Boggs Center.

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