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Our Survival Is Up to Us

by Grace Lee Boggs

Dec. 8 – 15, lumigan free delivery, Buy lumigan us, 2012

This week, in Doha, order lumigan cheap online, Lumigan in malaysia, Qatar, on the Persian Gulf, lumigan price, Cheap lumigan pill, delegates to COP18, the UN Framework on Climate Change, lumigan professional, Buy lumigan cheap, are discussing the urgent need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions if we and our planet are to survive.

OUTSIDE the conference hundreds of Arabs from the newly formed Arab Youth Climate Movement are calling on delegates to take action, buy lumigan overnight delivery, Find lumigan without prescription, getting governments and leaders to submit voluntary pledges for emission mitigation targets and take concrete steps towards a binding future agreement in Doha and a second commitment of Kyoto protocol to start in 2013.

INSIDE no targets are being set, order lumigan no prescription required. Buy lumigan canada, The reality facing the delegates and the world is that global emissions and the global temperature continue to rise. And unless the average global temperature rise is stabilized at 2 degrees Celsius by 2020 from a 2005 base level, people all over the world face increasingly catastrophic weather, more droughts, more wildfires, more Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy., buy lumigan without prescription.

The Doha conferees are hoping that governments will take steps to reduce emissions, lumigan prices. Lumigan buy online, China has pledged a considerable reduction. The U.S, buy lumigan once daily. Lumigan information, also has a greenhouse gas emissions reduction target. Buy lumigan without prescription, In January 2010 after the Copenhagen Climate Conference the United States pledged to reduce emissions by 17 percent by 2020, relative to the 2005 baseline.

But we can’t and shouldn’t depend on China or the U.S government, lumigan no prescription. Lowest price for lumigan, Instead we should be inspired by the Arab Youth Movement to take accelerated action at the ground level.

In every classroom from kindergarten to graduate school, buy cheap lumigan internet, Order no rx lumigan, in every household, every neighborhood, every congregation WE THE PEOPLE can and must begin taking steps to reduce carbon emissions.

It will mean growing our own food instead of depending on produce shipped from factory farms thousands of miles away.

It will mean producing our needs in neighborhood workshops instead of purchasing them at box stores, buy lumigan without prescription.

It will mean a lot of walking and biking instead of driving.

It will mean giving up Black Fridays.

In other words, it will mean making the radical revolution of values or the cultural revolution that Dr. King called for in his 1967 “Break the Silence” speech. Buy lumigan without prescription, All these steps at the ground level are possible and necessary.

We can live more simply so that we and future generations can simply live.


 Photo by Jakarta Globe

The Doha Climate March - COP18 Arab Climate Act...










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