Adrienne Maree Brown on Grace's 94th


Adrienne Maree Brown reflects on Grace’s 94th birthday party last June. This was a smaller celebration that preceded the big birthday event following the Allied Media Conference in July.


The room was full of people who have known Grace for decades, people who have changed their whole lives based on the teachings of Grace and her husband Jimmy Boggs, contributors to the re-issues of her and Jimmy’s books, and young people who have grown up in programs co-founded by the couple (half the room were current members or past members of Detroit Summer).

The food was delicious, in the way food is delicious amongst people who centralize good food access in their vision of movement building.

I had barely sat down when I was put on the spot to lead Happy Birthday. On the spot like I had been dreaming of it all day; on the spot like I jumped up and clapped and got to pour all my joy and honor at knowing Grace into my breath.

I have never been with Grace once when she was not referencing the work and genius of her love and life partner. I think their model of loving comradeship, a logical love, a love passionate about transforming the self to transform the world – is as important to the movement as any project they started.

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