Agenda for a New Economy

bkkortenagendacoversmal__2_Please read and share this message from Berrett-Koehler Publishers regarding the new book by best-selling author David
Agenda for a New Economy.

The first 100 days of the current presidency will be the most heavily scrutinized in history, and the number one concern for the new administration—and the vast majority of Americans is the financial crisis. Thought leaders from around the world have been adding their own solutions to the noise surrounding this crucial issue. Desperation has driven many to support stop-gap approaches that are just re-infusions of lifeblood capital into the dying appendages of Wall Street—treating the symptoms rather than curing the disease.

David Korten has a better idea:

Dismantle Wall Street, and its foundation of phantom wealth, spinning gold from nothing. And bring into being a new economy—locally based, community oriented, and devoted to creating a better life for all, for generations to come.

Please show your support for a new economic agenda:

1) By purchasing a copy of Agenda for a New Economy on February 3. Our goal is to rally behind the ideas in the book, to show that America (and the world) is fed up with the existing system and that there is a better way.

2) By spreading the word

  • Tell your community about Agenda for a New Economy. Send an alert over your email list, e-newsletter or social network on February
  • Blog about the ideas in Agenda for a New Economy on February 3.
  • Post excerpts and start a discussion.
  • Tell your friends and family!

For more information, including an excerpt from the book and an internet movie see the Berrett-Koehler Publishers website. You’ll also find a book excerpt, “The Speech President Obama Should Deliver …” at the YES! Magazine website.

About David Korten
David Korten is president and founder of the People-Centered Development Forum, chair of the board of YES! Magazine and a board member of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies. He is the author of The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community, The Post Corporate World, and When Corporations Rule the World.

Agenda for a New Economy
Paperback Original
216 pages

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