American Revolutionary was recently shown in the Netherlands – Rich Feldman

Living for Change News
May 24 – May 31

American Revolutionary was recently showin in the Netherlands. There “was an introduction by urban geographer Brian Doucet on why Detroit matters in the current global debates on urban renaissance, followed by the screening and concluded with a talk by Rich Feldman, who is active in the James and Grace Lee Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership. This centre is based upon the legacy of the writings of James and Grace Boggs, who are committed to the working to develop the ideas and vision necessary to create a social movement in the US for the Next American Revolution. Rich has twenty years’ experience working on the assembly line at a Ford plant, ten years as an elected official and currently works for the United Auto Workers Union.The event was made in close collaboration with Brian Doucet and with the generous hosting of ACU, Utrecht.”