As we Struggle (From “Revolution and Evolution in the Twentieth Century,” pp. 22-23

in-love-and-struggle-book-coverJames and Grace Lee Boggs speak to the urgency of our moment and the vision that must sustain us. (From “Revolution and Evolution in the Twentieth Century,” pp. 22-23)

As we struggle in the second part of this book to understand our  choices in the United States, we must not allow our thoughts to be  paralyzed by fear of repression and fascism. One must always think  realistically about the dangers, but in thinking about the counter-revolution a revolutionist must be convinced that it is a “paper tiger.”  Revolution and counter-revolution both involve social upheaval,  but they are not equal opposites. The revolution creates the future;  the counter-revolution seeks to maintain the present or restore the  past. The counter-revolution is invariably anti-historical. It narrows  and limits human beings, whereas a revolution expands and enriches  human identity.

An American revolution will enable the American people to renew and enlarge their sense of their own humanity. It will give them a new sense of time, of duration, of development, and of progress. It will instill in them a new love both for themselves and for men and women everywhere as they begin to see themselves as an integral        Revolution and Evolution      23 part of the history of all man/womankind. An American revolution will give Americans real and continuing opportunities to make responsible choices-opportunities which at the present time they do not even know they lack.