Beyond Rebellion Conversations in maine

Conversations In Maine Rebellion


“Today the  reactionary calls for more and more laws to create order.
The revolutionary should be able to conceive of struggling
for a society which is based more on the wisdom of men and
women than on laws. Fighting for more laws is like fighting
for better jails. We believe in prison reform, but those who
concentrate their energies on struggling for prison reform
are not revolutionaries. They have no vision of a new
society in which we will need fewer jails. Today, the more
you try to reform institutions rather than to change people,
the worse things become. All you are doing is increasing
human dependence upon institutions; you are multiplying
bureaucracies and diverting human energies and attention
from the changes that people have to make in

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Conversations In Maine: Exploring Our Nations
 Future  James and Grace Lee Boggs Lynan and Freddy Paine