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Welcome to the Black Bottom Digital Archive, where the memories and experiences of those from the long-gone Black Bottom neighborhood are preserved for future generations. Here you will find oral history interviews, historical documents and media from the neighborhood, and entries about historical sites and figures and events.

Black Bottom Digital Archive Team

BBA Present and Former Staff

  • PG Watkins, Director & Co-Founder
  • Kamau Baaqi, Communications Associate
  • Tulani Pryor, Digital Archives Assistant
  • Lawrielle West, Community Engagement Coordinator

Black Bottom Digital Archive Interns & Contractors

  • Abdeena Barrie, Intern
  • Nic Ciccone, Intern
  • Conor Mendenhall, Web Developer

BBA Advisory Board

  • Emily Kutil, Black Bottom Street View creator
  • Angela Abiodun
  • Ever Bussey
  • Steven Farrar