Black Mothers Honeycomb

Dear Black Mothers        Honeycomb


Black Mothers 
remember you are warriors
the root of African Nations

you hold truth on your side
you are light 
in the devastation
makers of ways
when there are none
your existence is revolutionary

their institutions 
will try and convince you
to chew up 
and spit out 
your Black seeds
but you must remain firm
resistant to their racism
and heteropatriarchy

they will try and manipulate your psyche
into doing their bidding
they will lynch you 
in the media
champion you
in the media
coerce you 
with their thug shaming agenda

but you must be wiser than their tricks
their stones 
and their sticks
though their words may hurt
you will persevere

you are survivors
polished through flame
you are the calm
in torrential rain

the line in the sand is before you
cross over it
with village in tow
carry forward the torch of our Ancestors
lift up your vibrations
and seek out the answers
you will find they are inside you

~ Honeycomb ®