Brunch at the Boggs Center

Dear friends of the Boggs Center,

We invite you and your family to an end-of-the-year brunch to celebrate our collective dedication and creativity.

Please join us Sunday, December 13, noon to 2:00 p.m., for a potluck brunch, end-of-year reflections. Bring a poem, a story, an instrument).

The pace of events and the deepening crisis have brought us moments of pain and the hope beyond our imagination. These are movement times and Detroit is becoming “A Chiapis of the North.”

2010 will be the 50th anniversary of SNCC (Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee) and SDS ( Students for a Democratic Society). We have been privileged in Detroit to continue the journey towards the New American Revolution bringing together veterans of past movements with veterans from Detroit Summer, the Battle of Seattle, and most importantly with those who have the passion for Detroit and the dedication to explore difficult questions: What does it mean to be human?. What do these times demand of us? We are learning together the meaning of “R”Evolution in the 21 century.

With the AMC and the USSF coming to Detroit in June, we will continue to show ourselves and the world:

Another World is Possible!
another US is Necessary!
Another Detroit is Happening!

Bring a dish, Bring a poem, bring a reflection, bring your family!


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