Get on the Bus! Water Justice Call to Action! Subject: Human Rights Day December 10th Plan/Agenda

Get on the Bus! Water Justice Call to Action!


water2Hey all this is the plan for Thursday.

Last week was really pressed for Rep Chang so we completed planning today.

Please help us reach our goal of 100 people on the capitol steps

Spread the word, Call 7 persons, to make the trip, encourage persons with water shutoffs to go with us, make it happen.


Leaving at 7am from Central United Methodist Church, Woodward at Grand Circus Park returning at 3:30, Thursday, December 10th

Register at our website or call 313.520-7465


Bring your message for the governor!!!


Lobby Day Training Monday, Dec 7, at

2727 Second Ave Food and Water Watch



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Subject: Human Rights Day December 10th Plan/Agenda

Good Afternoon Lila and Alice,  – and feel free to forward this to any other event organizers from Flint or other parts of the state!

It was nice talking to you this morning, Lila.  As I said, most of the water bills (except the Decrim ones that went to CJ) were referred to the committee on Local Government, chaired by Rep. Chatfield.  As an FYI, Rep. Neeley is on that committee too.  Here is the committee roster:  Chatfield (C), Price (Maj. VC), Heise, Maturen, Runestad, Sheppard, Theis, Moss (Min. VC), Brunner, Rutledge, Neeley

Rep. Neeley’s bill about notifying residents about water violations went to Government Ops.  Jacobsen (C), Webber (Maj. VC), LaFontaine, Greimel (Min. VC), Singh

Also…the Senate versions of the bills haven’t been referred to committees yet.  But Senator Young did drop the Water as a Human Right bill and it will be referred to a committee on Tuesday. Senators Johnson and Ananich will be dropping Water Affordability and Shutoff Protection next week too.  When we know which committees get the bills we will pass along.

If you’re going to try to meet with Reps about the bills you’ll want to focus on members of the committees first to ask them to push for a hearing early next year.  I did a quick glance at each bill’s cosponsors and it appears that while most of them have some bipartisan support,  no Republican members of either Local Government or Government Ops co-sponsored any of them.  So I would focus on meeting with members of Local Government and asking them to hold a hearing next year.  Here is a website that lists all the Reps and their contact info, to assist with scheduling:


You can go here: to look up the bills to see who co-sponsored them.  Here’s a quick list of the bill numbers:


HB 5093 – 97

HB 5101

HB 5110

HB 5120

HB 5122


I looked online but did not see that anyone has reserved the Capitol lawn for next Thursday.  However, Capitol Facilities won’t divulge and the weekly schedule for next week isn’t published yet.  You can call and ask, and potentially book the lawn or a portion yourself:  Barbra Thumudo

Capitol Events Coordinator

Michigan State Capitol Commission

Phone: (517) 373-9617

Fax: (517) 373-8040




As for your day’s itinerary, my suggestion is this:


8:30 amarrive in Lansing – meet in a central location for a quick orientation

9:00 am – 10:00 amMeetings with Senators before they go into Session – Drop off an information sheet (one pager) about your groups and their goals to ALL Senate offices

10:00amSenate Session begins – either begin your rally in front of the Capitol, OR line the sidewalk between the Farnum Building and the Capitol with activists.  I STRONGLY suggest that in addition to holding signs, you hand out flyers about your concerns for the Senators to review.  Even a half sheet flyer would be good, listing the bill numbers in the water package.

10:am – 12noonMeet with House members on relevant committees about the water package – drop off informational one-pager to all the offices

NoonHouse Session begins – consider lining the walkway between the House Office Building and the Capitol with activists and handing out a flyer

12:30 pmPress Conference and Delivery of Water as a Human Right postcards to Governor Snyder’s office


I’ve copied staffers from the offices of Reps Neeley, Garrett and Plawecki, along with Chris McClain and Eli Gaugush from Policy, as well as staffers from the offices of Senators Young, Johnson and Ananich who are all dropping water bills in the Senate.


Hope this was helpful, let me know how we can help next week.




Ellen Heinitz

Legislative Director

Office of State Representative Stephanie Chang

(517) 373-5537





Defending Lela with Feedom Freedom Growers by Myrtle Thompson-Curtis

Defending Lela with Feedom Freedom Growers
Myrtle Thompson-Curtis

After a busy week following the potluck for Lela Whitfield’s defense of her home, a lot has gone on and is still happening. There was a unity march that consisted of folks on the Detroit and Grosse Pointe Park border.  The turn-out was small but sufficient, a few new faces were among the energetic crowd, one was a young African American brother from the Park and another was an African-American brother from Detroit.


The momentum for alternatives to growing economies is strong and could be heard as well as felt.  We ended the march at a church that is on the corner of Manistique and Kercheval where I met members that sang beautiful songs, hosted us with a full meal and welcomed us back for future gatherings.

I spoke briefly to the crowd and gathered names of folks that might be willing to sacrifice time to be part of the defense of the house physically and I got back a sheet full of names!

Later in the week comrade Doc Holbrook and I visited Toledo for a Peace and Justice gathering, met great folks and old friends some of whom we would see again in Detroit later in the week.  On Manistique the mural and support for Lela Whitfield is growing, the Detroit Freep had a young African American journalist doing extensive interviews with Lela, and neighbors and Detroit Eviction Defense folks.


Lots of neighbors from the area are driving up to gather info on what can be done to assist with the defense!  Pictures and stories are available on the Detroit Eviction Defense website as well.

Detroit Asian Youth Intergenerational Dialogues Soh Suzuki

nwncimageHappening at the Boggs Center: Detroit Asian Youth Intergenerational Dialogues
Soh Suzuki
DAY Project is meeting at the Boggs Center the next two Fridays (Aug. 14, and 21) from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. for potluck dinners and conversations.  There are informal gatherings, but we hope to have intimate conversations about our identities, personal and political, particularly in relationship to Detroit and Asian American community.  In the previous sessions, we discussed about our identity and connections through food and migrations, and watched Who Killed Vincent Chin?

Cranbrook Schools visit Boggs Center

The Boggs Center engaged in an incredible week of visionary work, organizing and resistance. We engaged 60 young people at Cranbrook with poetry and shared meals at Conscious Corner Cafe, toured historic sights and dropped by to share stories and our visions for the beloved community at Feedom Freedom Growers.

IMG_20150308_153509 2

We had over 300 women and several men at our 5th Annual Women Creating Caring Communities International Women’s Day Celebration. We shared our survivor stories through panels and worthshops focused on what we plan to contribute to our communities, as well as considering our own needs. We then pledged to create a caring community together.