3-24-2016 Arts as Activism 6446 Michigan Ave. Detroit

Arts as Activism

Arts as Activism will be a panel conversation between local activists and community organizers Tawana Petty, Nique Love Rhodes, Antonio Cosme and Halima Cassells. Each of the panelists use their forms of creative expression to organize and build community, as well as collectively educate and empower the communities of which they are a part. It will also be a space that allows community members to engage with panelists around creative and unique ways we can all work towards social justice through art & community.

(Psst…Check out Tawana Petty’s recent Love Story about Charity Hicks from The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers)

Join Visionary Organizing Lab at Align Brooklyn NY


Visionary Organizing Lab
Dear Friend –Join Visionary Organizing Lab at Align Brooklyn NY for part two of a three part series in building beloved community and explore how we might create community that honors the sacredness of the human personality.

In part one we concluded that human beings are connected to each other and the earth in ways that are economic, social, ecological, political, and spiritual. In this session we will explore how we might use these connections to build community guided by King’s notion of agape, or the willingness to go to any extent to restore community.

Through small group discussions and interactive exercises, over the course of two and a half hours we will collectively explore what it might mean to build community from these connections in ways that honors the earth, human dignity, and the sacredness of the human personality. We will explore how people develop a sense that they matter and how this sense is informed by economic, social, and political relationships. Finally, we will explore how the connections among us might be organized in ways useful to building beloved community and explore how we must transform ourselves and the world to build it.

You do not need to have attended part one to attend part two. You can register here and please click here to view and share the event on Facebook.

A $10 suggested donation will be collected at the door. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

We look forward to seeing you on the 20th.


Visionary Organizing Lab

Visionary Organizing Lab · United States
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2015 5th Annual International Women’s Day Celebration

WCCC Flyer 2015

Creating Caring Communities

5th Annual International Women’s Day Celebration

We Found Our Voices: Let’s Get Them Heard!

March 14, 2015

10 am – 3 pm

UAW-GM Center for Human Resources

200 Walker Street

Detroit, MI       48207

Questions?     Contact:

Tawana tawana.detroit2012@gmail.com               Kris  klundberg@uaw.net

Rick richardfeldman60@gmail.com (c) 248-225-8037

Peace Zones

Waging   Love

Free Event

Lunch Provided




Registration      and Continental Breakfast

9 am –      10 am

Co-hosted      by:

UAW      Women’s Dept

Boggs      Center

5th Annual International Women’s Day Celebration

Women Creating     Caring Communities

New Work New Culture Conference Oct 18-20, 2014

New Works New Culture Conference Oct 18-20, 2014

October 14, 2014 in Organizing for Change, Upcoming Events

Please copy this youtube New Work New Culture to your facebook page and then share.   Peace Larry
http://youtu.be/HPloo2CLH3Q?list=UUN5ZOCaOLXyttn0USXwhDAANew Work with Frithjof Bergman & John Glazer 6-19-14Published on Jul 26, 2014 A detailed overview of New Work serving to invite you to participate in the October 18-20, 2014 International New Work New Culture Conference in Detroit and future online seminars about aspects of New Work, New Culture. New Work is about achieving independence from the job system using innovative technologies and community organization.


Registration is Open for New Work New Culture Conference


Registration is Open for New Work New Culture Conference

Contacts: Tawana Petty: 313.433.9882 or tawana.nwnc@gmail.com;

Frank Joyce: 313.510.8941



Registration for the New Work New Culture Conference is available via the website www.reimaginingwork.org. The October event in Detroit will convene thinker and doers from all over the world who are building an earth friendly economy for all.

From October 18th – 20th, several hundred activists, organizers, theorists, farmers, culture creators, builders, inventors and entrepreneurs will meet to exchange ideas and experiences.

A vendor and exhibitor area will feature new technology and new ways to use it. It will also include displays on global communication and community based production of food, energy, transportation, education, recreation, art and durable goods.

Featured presenters, facilitators and dialogue leaders include, but are not limited to, Frithjof Bergmann, Blair Evans, Silvia Federici, Emmanuel Pratt, James Godsil, Rebecca Solnit, Gar Alperovitz, Grace Lee Boggs, Kathi Weeks, Sarah van Gelder, Peter Baldwin, Makani Themba, Tawana“Honeycomb” Petty, Mischa Schaub, Frank Joyce, Kim Sherobbi, Michael Hardt, Judith Snow, Adrienne Marie Brown, Yusef Shakur, Halima Cassells and more. Food will be provided by local New Work farmers, caterers and restaurants.

Practitioners and theorists will come together in “WORTHshops” to discuss education, energy production, food production and distribution, recreation, sports and entertainment, additive manufacturing using fabricators, composting toilets, community land trusts, living off the grid, worker cooperatives and other topics. Also, several cultural events will be part of the program.

The gathering will open on Saturday, October 18th at Wayne State University, following the conclusion of the 2014 North American Labor History Conference. The Saturday program will include a healing space exercise, discussion on Why New Culture, and a cultural event featuring local and national talent. It will wrap up with interactive dinner activities.

On Sunday and Monday, the conference will move to the Samaritan Center located at 5555 Conner on the eastside of Detroit.

These two days will emphasize on Why New Work and Community Production. Please visit www.reimaginingwork.org for additional program information. The registration fee of $200 includes several meals and access to WORTHshops and events. For those needing financial assistance, scholarships at a rate of only $25 are available. Accommodation options are listed under the Lodging and Community Housing tabs on the website.

If you cannot attend and want to contribute to this historic event, you may donate via the New Work New Culture website or go to www.boggscenter.org, click the donate button and designate for NWNC2014. Also, please use the hashtag #NWNC2014 on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Select vendors are currently being accepted for this conference. Thank you!