Dear Friends Boggs Center -Fundraising Letter

Dear Friends of the Boggs Center,

We are asking for your support as we enter a critical time in the life of our city, our country and our movement.

From the generation of the 1960s to the Battle of Seattle, the Arab uprisings , Occupy and the recent “Idle No More Movement,” we have witnessed and participated in movement building in response to the devastation of our communities by corporate powers and globalization.

We have always recognized that a crisis is both a danger and an opportunity. Today the dangers of counter-revolution are evident everywhere, challenging us to deepen and broaden the resistance movement that is emerging nationally and locally.

To do this we need your financial support.

This year we will host Summer 2013 bringing together activists from around the country for the second year. This summer also marks the 50th Anniversary of the Freedom March down Woodward Avenue where MLK first gave his “I have a Dream” Speech, of Malcolm X’s Message to the Grass Roots at Detroit King Solomon Baptist Church, and of James Boggs’ The American Revolution: Pages from a Negro Workers Notebook.

Drawing on this history, we have been moving beyond Visionary Organizing, to Resistance, mobilizing our communities to resist the growing assaults on our humanity and all that we value, developing new forms of self government to ensure the public safety, education and the well being of our neighbors, friends and families.

We especially need your support to:

• Strengthen our national network

• Support Summer 2013

• Premiere Grace Lee Boggs: The Evolution of an American Revolutionary

• Hire a Center Director

We need to raise $25,000 in the month of June.

Please go to and donate today.

Or mail us a check, payable to Boggs Center, 3061 Field Street, Detroit, MI 48214

We believe you share our commitment to deepening our theoretical work, even as we create new forms of resistance in our communities. This is not the kind of work that foundations support. It depends on you.