Happy 107th Birthday Grace Lee Boggs!

 Multi-Generations meet at East-Side Festival 6-11-2011


photo of Grace Lee Boggs on the cover, title and author written over top in red and white

“We are beginning to understand that the world is always being made and never finished; that activism can be the journey rather than the arrival; that struggle doesn’t always have to be confrontational but can take the form of reaching out to find common ground with the many ‘others’ in our society who are also seeking ways out from the alienation, isolation, privatization, and dehumanization by corporate globalization.”

– The Next American Revolution, p. 48

“We must have the courage to walk the talk, but we must also engage in the continuing dialogues that enable us to break free of old categories and create the new ideas that are necessary to address our realities, because revolutions are made not to prove the correctness of ideas but to begin anew.”

– The Next American Revolution, p. 51

“Our challenge is to recognize our responsibility for the economic meltdown and planetary emergency and transform our way of life accordingly. When we do, we will reach a new plateau in our continuing evolution as human beings.”

– The Next American Revolution, p. 72

“The next American Revolution, at this stage in our history, is not principally about jobs or health insurance or making it possible for more people to realize the American Dream of upward mobility. It is about acknowledging that we Americans have enjoyed middle-class comforts at the expense of other peoples all over the world. It is about living the kind of lives that will not only slow down global warming but also end the galloping inequality both inside this country and between the Global North and the Global South. It is about creating a new American Dream  whose goal is a higher Humanity instead of the higher standard of living dependent on Empire. It is about practicing a new, more active, global and participatory concept of citizenship. It is about becoming the change  we wish to see in the world.”

– The Next American Revolution, p. 72

“We have the power within us to create the world anew.”

– The Next American Revolution, p. 78