Jimmy Boggs From the NY Times Op.ed,

From the NY Times Op.ed,
“To put a final point of emphasis on the potential of the moment, I’ll leave you with this. In a 1963 pamphlet called “The American Revolution: Pages from a Negro Worker’s Notebook,” the activist and laborer James Boggs argued for the revolutionary potential of the black struggle for civil rights. “The strength of the Negro cause and its power to shake up the social structure of the nation,” Boggs wrote, “comes from the fact that in the Negro struggle all the questions of human rights and human relationships are posed.” That is because it is a struggle for equality “in production, in consumption, in the community, in the courts, in the schools, in the universities, in transportation, in social activity, in government, and indeed in every sphere of American life.”

The American Revolution: Pages from a Black Workers Notebook 

Blue cover with a black eagle silhouette and the title printed over it. Handwritten note on bottom with subtitle.
James Boggs’ 1963 book with these new introductions:
* “Thinking and Acting Dialectically” by Grace Lee Boggs
* “Nobody Knows Better than Me” by Sharon (Shea) Howell
* “The Power of Ideas” by Carl Edwards
* “We are all ‘Works in Progress'” by Larry Sparks
* “Call to Detroit Summer” by Julia Pointer-Putnam
* “‘The Outsiders’ Practicing Transformation” by Jeanette Lee
* “The Next American Revolution” by Rich FeldmanAuthor: James Boggs
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