LFC Field Reports from Detroit 2012. #1

 LFC Field Reports from Detroit 2012. #1

 “Tai Amri and I arrived in Detroit last evening and drove straight to the opening of Detroit 2012 after nearly 12 hours of travel. It was 93 degrees and humid as we packed into the Ecumenical Theological Seminary to hear Opening Remarks.

 “Near the front, dressed in a T-shirt that said {R}Evolution, was Grace Lee Boggs, in her wheelchair, sweating alongside the rest of us.

 “Grace’s speech was short and sweet, focusing on the upcoming 4th of July holiday, asking us to face honestly the fantastic responsibility that the Declaration of Independence imposes upon us:

  • that when any government become destructive of our Happiness, the people have not only a “right, but a inalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, the people have not only a “right, but a duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security.”

 Following her remarks, a series of community leaders spoke about the responsibilities they have assumed, my favorite being the work being done to create “peace zones for life” by making this

Neighborhood Peace Pledge:

 I pledge allegiance to do my part in restoring the neighbor back to the ‘hood.

I pledge to develop myself, my family & my household to the greatest extent possible of being a shining example of a husband, father, son, brotha, wife, mother, daughter & sister in my neighborhood.

I will learn all that I can in order to give my best to improve the quality of my neighborhood.

I will work diligently to honor my family in my neighborhood with good deeds, & treat my neighbors as my extended family.

I will keep myself mentally sound, spiritually grounded & physically fit; building a strong body, mind & spirit that will exemplify positivity & productivity in my neighborhood.

I will unselfishly share my time, knowledge, resources & wisdom with my neighbors (young & old) in order to build & maintain a healthy neighborhood.

I will do my part to keep my neighborhood clean & safe.

I will discipline myself to direct my energies thoughtfully & constructively to maintain peace, harmony & love in my neighborhood.

I will train myself to never hurt or allow anyone the harm someone in my neighborhood for an injustice or through negative behaviors of stealing, gun violence, verbal abuse, police brutality, selling drugs, rape, or any other social ill that works to destroy my neighborhood.

This is my pledge to do my part by being a caring neighbor in my neighborhood by working to keep my neighborhood a peace zone instead of a war zone.

 Yesterday there was an excellent discussion between Frithjof Bergmann, the German philosopher behind “New Work, New Culture,” and Juan Martinez, a Detroit Summer youth who has built his own motorbike using the New HiTech.