Living for Change Grace Lee Boggs


“Hegel, on the other hand, believed that the human spirit or “healthy human reason” is constantly evolving through a process of overcoming contradictions or inadequacies.  Human beings are constantly struggling to make what they believe to be true, right, and just into a reality in their individual and social lives.  Progress does not take place like “a shot out of a pistol.” It requires the “labor, patience and suffering of the negative.” In everything there is the duality of the positive and the negative.  What is important is not any particular idea but the process of continuing development as the contradictions or limitations inherent in any idea surface and require the leap to a new idea or a new stage of Spirit.  For Hegel, therefore, the abstract truths cherished by traditional philosophy are actually untrue because they represent ideas from the past that is already behind us.”
Living for Change  Grace Lee Boggs  Ch 2 pg. 32