Michigan Chronicle Profiles Grace Lee Boggs


In honor of National Women’s History Week, the Michigan Chronicle selected Grace Lee Boggs in its feature on “Historical Women Changing the World.”


Meeting Dr. Grace Lee Boggs was historical and didn’t come easy. In fact, I was told it would be impossible. Not so. On March 6, 2009, I visited her Detroit home and sat in the same seat previously occupied by actor and activist Danny L. Glover on Jan. 19, 2009. The same hand-quilted Afghans adorned the chairs.

Dr. Boggs, renowned author, activist, speaker and grassroots legend, was born in 1915 to Chinese immigrant parents. She excelled in education and received her Ph.D. in philosophy from Bryn Mawr College in 1940. She moved to Detroit in 1953 where she married the late Mr. James Boggs, African American labor activist, writer and strategist. Together, they led multiple generations on grassroots initiatives, activism, human rights and social change.

“Revolution comes in all colors and Detroit must get back to the concept of beloved community,” said Boggs. She recalls the work of her husband and credits him for being the most meaningful person in her life.

At 94, Dr. Boggs, shows no signs of silencing her voice. She has graced the world far and near lecturing and beckoning millions to think. Mending Detroit, its people and communities are her greatest passions. She continues to hosts readings, lectures and other intellectual gatherings and quotes: “Everyone is capable of going beyond where they are.”

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