New Work-New Culture – Bi-Monthly Meeting

Title: New Work-New Culture – Bi-Monthly Meeting
Location: Boggs Center 313 923 0797 3061 Field St Detroit, Mi 48214
Description: Dear New Work-New Culture friend,

Please join us Monday at 1:00 pm for our bimonthly meeting to continue our discussions and updates.

Kim has raised the following question and makes the commentary below:

What makes the concept of NW-NC-NE New?

Much of what we are speaking about, as it relates to newness, is applying the best of our past and present traditions with a New Awareness, New Appreciation and New Commitment. By combining this newness with technology, we can create a quality of life that is beneficial and respectful of all living things on earth.”

Following our political discussion we will:

1. Updates: Field Street New Work- House, New Work Reader, other activities

2. October conference planning

3. Announcements

We also hope to see you at Incite Focus on Tuesday evening at 6:00 pm

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A few articles attached as well.

Start Time: 01:00
Date: 2014-04-07