Reimagine Work. Reimagine Life by Grace Lee boggs


Reimagine Work. Reimagine Life.

 FocusHOPE 1400 Oakman Blvd. Detroit 48238

Oct. 28-30, 2011; Program begins 6 pm Friday, Oct. 28; register from 4 pm .

Welcome to Detroit. Welcome to a place named FocusHOPE. Welcome to a gathering where each of us has something to teach and something to learn. Where you are completely free to pose questions from “Where’s the bathroom?” to “Where’s the future?”


Why in Detroit?


Those of us who live here feel fortunate. Our city has a proud tradition of plowing new ground. We are excited to be doing so now—literally in our urban farms and gardens and figuratively in our non-stop conversation about a new economy.


Industrial jobs came here early and in large numbers. They left here early and in large numbers.


We have been thinking and doing a post jobs-system economy in Detroit for almost two decades.


But we know we have not been alone. All over the planet more and more people are thinking beyond making a living to making a life. A life that respects Earth and one another.


Why now?


We come together to re-imagine work and re-imagine life at a time when the spirit of the Arab Spring has come alive in Greece, Spain and in the growing Occupy Wall Street movement. In our bones we sense that this is no ordinary time. It is a time of deep change, not just of social structure and economy but of ourselves.


The new paradigm is about systems that bring out the best of each us, instead of trying to harness the greed and selfishness of which we are capable. It is about a new balance of individual, family, community, work and play that makes us better humans.


How will we be together?


Thoughtfully. Gently. Urgently. Lovingly.


We come together to create a safe space to hear each other’s stories. To break bread and barriers. To make new culture.


We come together as inventors and discoverers committed to creating ideas and practice, vision and projects to help heal civilization.


Allied Media Project,

Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies Program (University of Michigan)

Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership

DAY Project

Detroit Black Community Food Security Network

Detroit Summer-LAMP

Damon J. Keith Center for Justice (WSU),

Friends of Detroit and Tri-County (Hope District)

Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality

Detroit City of Hope

East Michigan Environmental Action Council


Great lakes Bioneers-Detroit (GLBD)

Greening of Detroit


HUSH House

International Avalon Breads

Matrix Theatre

Michigan Coalition for Human Rights (MCHR)

New Work, New Culture, New Economy

Peace Zones for Life

Restaurant Opportunities Center (R.O.C),

Riverfront East Congregational Initiative (RECI)

Time Banking-MI

Urban Networks (Putting the Neighbor Back in the Hood)