Revolutionaries, Evolutionaries, Solutionaries by Grace Lee Boggs

Revolutionaries, Evolutionaries, Solutionaries


The Next American Revolution

       The response to The Next American Revolution ( UC Press, 2011 ) has been awesome.

           Multiple copies are being bought by people to  share with family and friends. Teachers are assigning it to their classes.  Faculty, students and staff at several small colleges are reading it together, sometimes planning a SKYPED discussion with me.

          As a result, although the book has been out only a few months, Amazon is ranking it ahead of  political bestsellers by Chomsky and Krugman.

  •  Maybe  it’s because it is  giving  Americans in all walks of life a more people-friendly view of revolution as empowerment rather than struggle for  political power.
  •  Maybe it   helps  us view Revolutionaries as Solutionaries,  working together to solve  very practical problems of daily life,  growing our souls by growing  our own food.   
  •  Maybe it’s giving us  the new, more positive  view of ourselves that  we’ve been hungry for.


 Maybe it helps us envision ourselves as Revolutionaries, moving away from the wrong side of the world  revolution where we have seemed stuck since the Vietnam War. 

  • Maybe it also helps us see  ourselves as Evolutionaries, making the radical revolution of values that Dr. King  called for during that war,  transformimg  ourselves from materialists, militarists and individualists into a people who can be proud of how we are advancing humankind to a new stage of consciousness,  creativity, and social and political responsiblility

         The diversity of enthusiastic readers  reminds me of  the remarks about this country that Hector Crevecoure made more than two centuries ago:

 “ Here individuals of all races are melted into a new race of man, whose labors  and posterity will one day cause great changes in the world.  Americans are the  western pilgrims.

          The NYC Brecht  Forum booksgning with Ruby  Dee, Amy  Goodman, Angela Jones is at

          In Detroit I’ll be signing copies of TNAR  at  Source Books during the West Willis Village  small businesses celebration on Saturday, June 18.   ENJOY music, a fashion show, children’s hair show, and other fun stuff.