street talk jim perkinson 12-8-14



jim perkinson 12-8-14


hands up!

like an aerobic exercise

over the graveyard of america

hands up!

knowing where the bones are


convening ezekiel plots of skeletal moans

under the coffin covers

ready to riot into resurrection conflagration

inside the court of imperial condemnation

where all the air goes

when all the “i can’t breathe” shows

of power over dark souls

and stolen red soils

and disappeared john does

speaking “no goes” to blue-suited foes

of people hopes and hard core

“ain’t goin’ down without a fight” swing-lows

throw down a street flow of bodies

marching in hot rows of organized

shoot-backs with bullet-words of resolve

to un-solve the corporation solution

for neighborhoods of conniption

refusing their delegation to a homeless

situation or the cell-block of renegade

non-cooperators igniting a revolution

of conscience like a mumia in a philadelphia

dungeon bouncing grenades of truth

off prison walls into young suburban ears

while parents skyrocket in fear

at the leering grin of daughters suddenly

hip to the slaughter or sons reconnoitering

the supremacist logic with a heart tipping

towards a schematic of liberation led by

an mc like tef poe in st. louie

or will c at the crossing-of-the-strait city


this is a mike brown wake up

an eric garner take up of breath

like a spirit come back into the supine

limbs of a tamir rice rising like an army

of ice as cold hard in refusal of compromise

as a detroit momma pirating water from a

shut off meter in civil disobedience for her

granddaughter’s father locked into a dialysis

tube as fodder for big ag and big pharma profit


it is all a racket . . .

for the sake of a quick loan macking

of emergency management tactics serving

the lord of jacked up markets and climate



it is all a racket!


but beware—

when one too many bodies have been

smacked down

what comes back up on a mission of high-stakes


will not ask permission          or care about the season


is there any reason at all to hope?

the answer may be “nope”

but that is no reason

not to rise up and speak and organize!



James W. Perkinson
Professor of Social Ethics,
Ecumenical Theological Seminary
Special Lecturer in Communication Studies,
Oakland University, 4 minutes into show on 8-17-14


Read at Boggs Center Holiday party 12-13-2014