New Theatrical Form Personalizes Detroit Stories

The Story Owners Collective announces a brand new form of personal story-telling theater, with their Detroit premiere of THE RED THREAD: Interwoven Performance Portraits. The play uses personal narrative to honor individual journeys while revealing social interconnectedness. An ancient Chinese proverb speaks of an invisible red thread of destiny, which connects all humans to each other. It is said that this magical cord may tangle or stretch but will never break.

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Emerald City: Detroit Featured in O Magazine

This month Oprah’s Magazine highlighted the burgeoning urban agricultural movement here in Detroit. O Magazine reported on the innovative educational practices of Catherine Ferguson High School, a school for teenage mothers, which also is the site of a “most unlikely and inspiring sight….an urban farm that is almost breathtaking in its scope.”

Read the full Emerald City article, as it appeared in the April 2008 issue of O Magazine.