Hope for Detroit

By: Larry Gabriel

[This article was featured in the MetroTimes, Detroit’s free weekly alternative, on 3/26/08. Grace Lee Boggs and Ron Scott, both members of the Detroit City of Hope campaign, take an alternative position on the resolution of the Detroit’s mayoral scandal.]

May you live in interesting times. Things are so interesting in Detroit right now I’m wondering if someone with cosmic pull has laid the oft-quoted Chinese curse on Detroit. Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former chief of staff Christine Beatty have been indicted on a combined 12 felony counts of conspiracy, misconduct, obstruction and perjury.
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Justice and the Mayor

By Stephanie Chang

Justice might do well to receive a lesson from toddlers. First, listen to how your offense hurt someone; then, acknowledge that you did something wrong; and finally, make up for what you did – these are basic principles that we learned from our earliest childhood days in playground skirmishes and sibling dramatics.
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