1964, 1968 or 2008

By: Rich Feldman

In 1968, I volunteered for Eugene McCarthy, traveled across the country to campaign against the war in Vietnam, danced in the streets of Wisconsin when LBJ announced that he would not run for a second term and demonstrated in Chicago against the pro-war policies of the Democratic Party Leadership.  This was my initiation into the politics of the 1960s.  I arrived at UM and got involved in the year between the 1967 Detroit Rebellion and the Assassination of MLK.  The assassination of Martin Luther King dominated the hearts and minds of millions of Americans and reminded us that we could not separate the war and foreign policy from the Civil Rights Movement and the need to transform our values and rebuild our cities.
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Time Management

By: Zakia Carpenter

For a couple weeks I’ve been thinking about history and the present with respect to utilizing time, as if time were something that could be braided, woven, folded, or unraveled like colorful fabric.  Obama has brought me back to this idea that we as individuals interact with elements which seem so much larger and grander than us.  He reminds me that nothing exists in isolation, that everything leaves its mark on everything else. Even, perhaps especially, time does not go unscathed. Continue reading