By Lydia Wylie-Kellerman
A College Commencement Talk

Today we each take a step into our life’s work. We’ve been told a million times we are entering the “real world.” But what is this real world? It is a world built on white privilege, on the prerogatives of wealth, on marginalization through homophobia, on the violence of patriarchy and militarism, and the addictive mechanisms of consumer culture. It is a broken, hurtful, and hurting world. In many ways, we are inheriting a world that is not worth inheriting. It is a broken world– that we didn’t break.Continue reading

A Correspondence About Transformation, Rebellion, Love, Citizenship, Lenin, Jefferson, Cities And Communities

Many thanks for your little book on Thomas Jefferson which arrived yesterday. I’ve only had time to read the introduction, but I couldn’t wait to let you know how much I appreciate your analysis and the succinctness and clarity with which you have conveyed these powerful ideas.

You are so right on in insisting that both Lenin and Jefferson believed that “humanity can and must be transformed.” That’s why Lenin opposed anarchism and Jefferson was so interested in education.

Both made a distinction between the “event” of insurrection or rebellion and the process of Being transformed Through Practice in self-rule after the “event ” (Lenin’s Workers and Peasants Inspection, Jefferson’s “wards” or “little republics “).

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