I Dream of a Detroit

On February 16 LAMP hosted it’s first lampshop since 2006. they invited youth to do two different workshops facilitated by two different artist/activists of Detroit, Sterling toles a beat making one, and Phoenix a writing one. this is one of the poems that came out of it.

I dream of a Detroit

where walking down the street isn’t like walking though a WWII era battle field

where vacant lots don’t hold sleeping dangers

but seeds that will move the sky and rain down green wealthContinue reading

Urgently Standing @ the DIA

This past Friday as part of the Detroit Institute of Art’s Friday Night Live! Series (Fridays, 6:00-10:00pm, free for Detroit residents) the museum presented: An Evening with Jessica Care Moore and Aku Kadogo. The program described the performance as, “Part theater, poetry slam and dance hall, the performances of these women from different generations pay homage to African American poets and performers, including Jayne Cortez, Sonia Snachez and Ntozoke Shange.” I would add that Aku especially set the room ablaze with energy performing her poem dedicated to Grace Lee Boggs, called Urgently Standing. This local artist made a visceral appeal to those gathered to recognize the abundance and transformational potential of this beloved city as well as the urgent need to talk about it. Graciously, Aku has added her poem to our Unending Conversations of Hope.

Urgently Standing
For Grace Lee Boggs
By: Aku Kadogo

I am standing here
I am urgently
I urgently got to
Talk about it
I gotta talk about it
I gotta talk about itContinue reading