A White Man's View of Obama's Race Speech

By Matt Birkhold

[giantmag.com originally featured this article on March 27, 2008]

My father has been a “Jesse Jackson is a pain in the ass” Republican since at least the Carter years. I was shocked to hear that he plans on voting for Barack Obama.

Up until very recently I’ve felt like I pretty much had my people figured out. Throughout college and graduate school, my father and I argued endlessly about the ethics of racial equality. He never supported race-based preferences because he believed they unfairly privileged black people. My father is not unique. His position is deeply rooted in a common belief among white men that they have been victimized by black gains over the last fifty years.Continue reading

The Future is Now

The Future is Now: California’s Multiracial Challenge to America

By: Scott Kurashige

Sixty years ago, Carey McWilliams, the well-traveled writer/activist and soon to be editor of The Nation, described California as “our nation’s racial frontier.” As the West Coast’s multiracial makeup posed new problems and challenges, it also offered America “one more chance, perhaps a last chance, to establish the principle of racial equality.” In this regard, it blessed California’s residents and observers with “a ringside seat in the great theatre of the future.”

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