New Theatrical Form Personalizes Detroit Stories

The Story Owners Collective announces a brand new form of personal story-telling theater, with their Detroit premiere of THE RED THREAD: Interwoven Performance Portraits. The play uses personal narrative to honor individual journeys while revealing social interconnectedness. An ancient Chinese proverb speaks of an invisible red thread of destiny, which connects all humans to each other. It is said that this magical cord may tangle or stretch but will never break.

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Our 21st Century Growing Pains

By Larry Sparks, Eumanist

In these times of troubles, most Americans are unaware of the potential in our everyday decisions. The challenges we face are the consequences of the courage shown and the choices made by our ancestors and elders. Our decisions and choices are our gifts to our children and friends.

Very few people realize that in our era of materialism and ill reason, we have to go against our common sense in order to become more human human beings. We have the opportunity and responsibility to become fifty times grander than we ever thought we could be; the responsibility and opportunity to transcend the mundane and become the extraordinary. Out of today’s negativity, by the everyday choices we make, we can move to and advance our species to the next stage of human evolution.

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Where Are We Going? Backwards or Forward?

By: Rich Feldman

I have read about half of the book: “Blessed Unrest” by Paul Hawken.

Thanks, Grace and Shea, for pushing this book. It is the first book that begins to explain to me why so many of the young people in and around Detroit Summer have moved beyond the thinking of the New and Old Left. They have been raised in the closing decades of the epoch in human history that began with the destruction of indigenous people and the slave trade through industrialization (or the beginning of the destruction of the environment). They are coming of age at the beginning of the new era, moving beyond imperialism and the nation-state to corporate globalization, resistance to which entered a new era with the Zapatistas and the Battle of Seattle in 1999.Continue reading

Living for Change: Obama and MLK

by Grace Lee Boggs

[This article first appeared in the Michigan Citizen, Jan. 20-26, 2008. Then it was published on Saturday, April 5, 2008 by YES! Magazine and appeared on]

The new energies being unleashed by Barack Obama hold great promise. In his person and prose Obama embodies the achievements of the movements of the 20th century and the hope that we can become the change we want to see in the 21st century.Continue reading

The Next American Revolution

The Next American Revolution
By Grace Lee Boggs
Left Forum Closing Plenary, Cooper Union,
New York, March 16, 2008

I have decided to talk about the next American Revolution because I
believe it is not only the key to global survival but also the most
important step we can take in this period to build a new, more human
and more socially and ecologically responsible nation that all of us,
in every walk of life, whatever our race, ethnicity, gender, faith or
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