New Theatrical Form Personalizes Detroit Stories

The Story Owners Collective announces a brand new form of personal story-telling theater, with their Detroit premiere of THE RED THREAD: Interwoven Performance Portraits. The play uses personal narrative to honor individual journeys while revealing social interconnectedness. An ancient Chinese proverb speaks of an invisible red thread of destiny, which connects all humans to each other. It is said that this magical cord may tangle or stretch but will never break.

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Performing Activism in Detroit

By: Julie Rosier

I am seeking to develop a performance activism project, where a group of people will tell their own stories on stage through a collage performance. This collective storytelling extravaganza will portray under-told personal stories about the intersections of identity, exploring relationships between categories such as class, race, gender, sexuality and the place where each of us is from, with the ultimate intention of spurring grassroots organizing and social change. Continue reading