A Correspondence About Transformation, Rebellion, Love, Citizenship, Lenin, Jefferson, Cities And Communities

Many thanks for your little book on Thomas Jefferson which arrived yesterday. I’ve only had time to read the introduction, but I couldn’t wait to let you know how much I appreciate your analysis and the succinctness and clarity with which you have conveyed these powerful ideas.

You are so right on in insisting that both Lenin and Jefferson believed that “humanity can and must be transformed.” That’s why Lenin opposed anarchism and Jefferson was so interested in education.

Both made a distinction between the “event” of insurrection or rebellion and the process of Being transformed Through Practice in self-rule after the “event ” (Lenin’s Workers and Peasants Inspection, Jefferson’s “wards” or “little republics “).

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Mind of Tha Musician

By: Timothy A Peoples Jr.

Why do I play when it hurts me so badly to perform?
I imagine this dark room filled with an audience of distinguished gentlemen,
In collard shirts and middle aged wives fantasizing about the color,
Of which I represent while moving my fingers across keys,
Designing a brilliant melody, her mind sets on internal secretion,
Rather than my endowments, and my fluent utterance
In tune I have established, Even So,
I play with the striking desire of wanting to eliminate,
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Hope for Detroit

By: Larry Gabriel

[This article was featured in the MetroTimes, Detroit’s free weekly alternative, on 3/26/08. Grace Lee Boggs and Ron Scott, both members of the Detroit City of Hope campaign, take an alternative position on the resolution of the Detroit’s mayoral scandal.]

May you live in interesting times. Things are so interesting in Detroit right now I’m wondering if someone with cosmic pull has laid the oft-quoted Chinese curse on Detroit. Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former chief of staff Christine Beatty have been indicted on a combined 12 felony counts of conspiracy, misconduct, obstruction and perjury.
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Urgently Standing @ the DIA

This past Friday as part of the Detroit Institute of Art’s Friday Night Live! Series (Fridays, 6:00-10:00pm, free for Detroit residents) the museum presented: An Evening with Jessica Care Moore and Aku Kadogo. The program described the performance as, “Part theater, poetry slam and dance hall, the performances of these women from different generations pay homage to African American poets and performers, including Jayne Cortez, Sonia Snachez and Ntozoke Shange.” I would add that Aku especially set the room ablaze with energy performing her poem dedicated to Grace Lee Boggs, called Urgently Standing. This local artist made a visceral appeal to those gathered to recognize the abundance and transformational potential of this beloved city as well as the urgent need to talk about it. Graciously, Aku has added her poem to our Unending Conversations of Hope.

Urgently Standing
For Grace Lee Boggs
By: Aku Kadogo

I am standing here
I am urgently
I urgently got to
Talk about it
I gotta talk about it
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