Work Place Organizing and Community Organizing

By: Rich Feldman

Radicals, union organizer and activists often talk about the difference between work place organizing and community organizing. Which is more important to changing our country? Some talk about creating new links between the workplace and the community. In 2008, the answer is not simply resolved through attempting to join community organizing with work place organizing. These solutions make it sound like we are adding two static, pre-determined concepts and parts together to get the sum total that we want and is often based upon our recognition that both work place and community based organizing are static and similar to another period in history.

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Where Are We Going? Backwards or Forward?

By: Rich Feldman

I have read about half of the book: “Blessed Unrest” by Paul Hawken.

Thanks, Grace and Shea, for pushing this book. It is the first book that begins to explain to me why so many of the young people in and around Detroit Summer have moved beyond the thinking of the New and Old Left. They have been raised in the closing decades of the epoch in human history that began with the destruction of indigenous people and the slave trade through industrialization (or the beginning of the destruction of the environment). They are coming of age at the beginning of the new era, moving beyond imperialism and the nation-state to corporate globalization, resistance to which entered a new era with the Zapatistas and the Battle of Seattle in 1999.Continue reading