TNAR Paper Back Version

The new Paper Back Version The Next American Revolution (click to purchase 17.00)  book by 95-year-old philosopher/activist Grace Lee Boggs

A world dominated by America and driven by cheap oil, easy credit, and conspicuous consumption is unraveling before our eyes. Drawing from seven decades of movement-building experience, Grace Lee Boggs shows how to create the radical social change we need to confront new realities. From her home in Detroit, she reveals how hope and creativity are overcoming despair and decay within the most devastated urban communities.

This groundbreaking book not only represents the best of Grace Lee Boggs, but the best of any radical, visionary thinking in the United States.

Robin D. G. Kelley

Reading Grace Lee Boggs helps you glimpse a United States that is better and more beautiful that you thought it was.

Michael Hardt

Grace Lee Boggs [is a] legendary activist.

Amy Goodman

Grace Lee Boggs [is] one of the great freedom fighters in the history of this nation… a revolutionary in spirit, heart, and mind.

Cornel West