US Social Forum registration now open!

Another World is Possible. Another US is Necessary. A New Detroit is Underway.

Register Early to Join the Planning and Avoid Late Fees. 20,000 changemakers will be gathering in Detroit in June from all different sectors and communities to share vision, strategy, practice, and action.

You can now register yourself or your organization at

Workshops Submissions Are Open. After you register, your organization can submit a workshop proposal to facilitate during the forum. Details are available at

The organization of workshop tracks was informed by a consulta/survey of with over 800 responses.

Build the Forum Planning Process Locally and Nationally. Assemblies, Brigades, Caravans, Detroit Expanded. The Social Forum is not an event or an organization it is a self-organized process made by people like you.

Check out for ideas on how to become part of the lead-up.

Feed the Roots. Grow Our Movements. Donate. As a grassroots movement of movements, the Social Forum needs your support. Registering early is one way to ensure we have the resources we need for our convergence. Donating directly to the forum is another.


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