We’re the leaders we’re looking for! By Grace Lee Boggs


We’re the leaders we’re looking for

By Grace Lee Boggs

Nov. 24 Dec. 1, 2012

Obama ‘s re-election is a challenge to us.

In his first term he did not make the profound changes his supporters hoped for. But he was re-elected because he did enough to bring into being a new demographic.

On November 6, he won 93 percent of black, 73 percent of Asian, and 71 percent of Hispanic/Latino voters. He also won 60 percent of those aged 18-29. These voters represent the future of our country.

His re-election also marginalized the Republican Party which may never recover.

The main lesson we need to draw from Obama’s first term is that we can’t look to him to make the profound changes urgently needed at this time on the clock of the world.

That is because these changes can’t be made in or from the White House. They require profound changes in us, the American people.

WE THE PEOPLE are the ones who must and can make these changes.

WE THE PEOPLE are the ones who can and must begin living more simply to slow down global warming and prevent more Katrinas, Irenes, Sandys, wildfires, floods, melting icecaps, droughts.

WE THE PEOPLE are the ones who must make the radical revolution of values not only against racism but also against materialism and militarism that Dr. King called for in his 1967 “Break the Silence” speech

WE THE PEOPLE are the ones who must begin Redefining and Re-Imagining Work, Education, Community.


“We are the children of Martin and Malcolm,

Black. brown, yellow, white.

Our right, our duty

To shake the world with a new dream.”