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How Gender Violence on the Left Enables State Violence in Radical MovementsBy Courtney Desiree Morris

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In January 2009, find vermox no prescription required, Vermox in us, activists in Austin, Texas, vermox buy online, Cheap vermox no rx, learned that one of their own, a white activist named Brandon Darby, vermox buy, Vermox without prescription, had infiltrated groups protesting the Republican National Convention (RNC) as an FBI informant. Darby later admitted to wearing recording devices at planning meetings and during the convention, online pharmacy vermox. Cost of vermox, He testified on behalf of the government in the February 2009 trial of two Texas activists who were arrested at the RNC on charges of making and possessing Molotov cocktails, after Darby encouraged them to do so, vermox price. Lowest price for vermox, The two young men, David McKay and Bradley Crowder, buy generic vermox online, Vermox no rx, each faced up to fifteen years in prison. Crowder accepted a plea bargain to serve three years in a federal prison; under pressure from federal prosecutors, buy generic vermox, Where to order vermox, McKay also pled guilty to being in possession of “unregistered Molotov cocktails” and was sentenced to four years in prison. Information gathered by Darby may also have contributed to the case against the RNC 8, vermox buy drug, Purchase vermox overnight delivery, activists from around the country charged with “conspiracy to riot and conspiracy to damage property in the furtherance of terrorism.” Austin activists were particularly stunned by the revelation that Darby had served as an informant because he had been a part of various leftist projects and was a leader at Common Ground Relief, a New Orleans–based organization committed to meeting the short-term needs of community members displaced by natural disasters in the Gulf Coast region and dedicated to rebuilding the region and ensuring Katrina evacuees’ right to return.
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