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Vibramycin online without prescription, This past Friday as part of the Detroit Institute of Art’s Friday Night Live. Series (Fridays, buying vibramycin, Order vibramycin overnight delivery, 6:00-10:00pm, free for Detroit residents) the museum presented: An Evening with Jessica Care Moore and Aku Kadogo, discount vibramycin online. Find cheap vibramycin, The program described the performance as, “Part theater, order generic vibramycin, Order discount vibramycin online, poetry slam and dance hall, the performances of these women from different generations pay homage to African American poets and performers, vibramycin tablets, Vibramycin without prescription, including Jayne Cortez, Sonia Snachez and Ntozoke Shange.” I would add that Aku especially set the room ablaze with energy performing her poem dedicated to Grace Lee Boggs, drug vibramycin, Buying generic vibramycin, called Urgently Standing. This local artist made a visceral appeal to those gathered to recognize the abundance and transformational potential of this beloved city as well as the urgent need to talk about it, vibramycin no prescription. Vibramycin no rx, Graciously, Aku has added her poem to our Unending Conversations of Hope, cheap generic vibramycin. Order no rx vibramycin, Urgently StandingFor Grace Lee BoggsBy: Aku Kadogo

I am standing hereurgentlyI am urgentlystandingI urgently got toTalk about itI gotta talk about itI gotta talk about it

OurBeloved cityOf desolate beauty

The pain at seeing you so broke downDid we miss the opportunityTo give upthe privilege of over consuming.

Only to be consumed ourselvesSpat out

Entertained byDowntown clown showsThat distract

have nothing to doYeteverything to do with our lives, buy vibramycin overnight delivery. Vibramycin sale, Insipid men minding politics and pussygrease their handsWith golden handshakesSelling another vacant lotAnother piece of Belle IsleAnother chunk of parklandWhile weBlinded mind somebody else’s business

Hardly anybodytalking about blindI gotta talk about itI urgently gotta talk aboutThe funerary images that pass forEntertainmentMurder, mayhem andReckless acts of no consequenceindeliblyMarking the minds of our childrenIn MalaiseSagginWith weaponsfoul languageSomebody please explain to themThe genocide they commit every time aBullet takes away some mammasBaby daddy’schileAnother black man dons an orange suitTo inhabit a grey cell of ashen cinderblocksI stand urgentlyUrgently fixatedI urgently gotta talk about itI gotta talk about itI gotta scream about itBurnt housesBroken PeopleBegging menClosing schoolsReckless drivingCrack Head dreamingMarvin saidThis ain’t livinThis ain’t livinNawNawNawNaw

Only yesterdayAcross the streetA man brokenBarricaded himself in a roomIgnited himselfUrgentlyHowlingCould we hear, cheap vibramycin in canada. Discount vibramycin online, NoWeWeWeWe stood by helplessWe, clouded by theIntensity ofInner city blues, vibramycin non prescription, Buy vibramycin once daily, I gotta urgently sayWake upopen your eyes

BelovedCityOne time meccaOf African American intelligentsiaWhere quarter of a million men, women and childrenMarchedupWoodwardAgainst war and unfair wagesWhere the strong men kept a comin onMarching up from down southOnly to be colonisedBy GM Chyrsler Henry FordViet Nam IraqPay the rentMortgage billsSpat out

BelovedCityOfClean WaterSaltAnd Techno MusicI gotta urgently give the DJ some

(Music break)

I gotta talk aboutLoveI urgently gotta talk aboutWrapping our arms aroundOurselves

About loving who we areIn spite of it allBecause of it all

About harnessinguntapped energyBrain powerFuturisticUrgencyNow

About growing gardensGrowing childrenIn cracksin lotsin abundance

About thinking beyond the square boxInto the cosmos ofPotentialityTransformation

When in doubtThe ship may go downShitmaybe the ship has sunkButWe stand tallOn shoulders ofAncestors who survivedSurvivedSurvivedChildren of Survivors

I gotta talk about itI urgently gotta talk about itI gotta sing about itI urgently gotta sing about itI gotta dance about itI gotta urgently gotta dance about itI urgentlyGottaGottaGottaGottaGotta© Aku KadogoFebruary 2008.

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