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Jobs aren’t the Answer

By Grace Lee Boggs

Buy lanoxin without prescription, The continuing Jobs crisis is an opportunity to go beyond protest organizing for more Jobs and begin imagining Work that frees us from being the appendages to machines that we have become because of our dependence on Jobs. Order lanoxin on internet,  Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times

Instead of looking to politicians for programs that will provide millions of Jobs, we need to encourage the creation of Work that not only produces goods and services but develops our skills, lanoxin overnight, Lanoxin bangkok, protects our environment and lifts our spirits.

In a letter read recently to hundreds of activists at an Environmental Justice gathering, buy lanoxin online, Buying lanoxin, University of Michigan Professor and futurist Bunyan Bryant explained the thinking needed for this visionary organizing.

It begins, canadian pharmacy lanoxin, Buy lanoxin without prescription, he said, by making a distinction between Work and a Job as outlined by Mathew Fox (The Re-Invention of Work)

“A job is similar to slavery in that one is forced to perform actions in return for some sort of compensation for one’s labor, lanoxin malaysia. Buying generic lanoxin, Therefore the rewards are extrinsic, and without such extrinsic rewards people cannot be forced into a job they dislike, lanoxin online without prescription. To tolerate or compensate for these job conditions often times people will engage in excessive consumerism or self-medicate to counteract the boredom that comes from a job or to make themselves feel better, buy lanoxin without prescription. Find lanoxin no prescription required, “Work, on the other hand, discount lanoxin no rx, Lanoxin no rx required, is defined as activities that one enjoys. To be compensated with money is not important because of the pleasures and satisfaction of work, compare lanoxin prices. Cheapest generic lanoxin online, Therefore the rewards are more intrinsic.

A Society that Works

“ I envision a multi-racial society where people perform the requirements of a job three days a week, where to buy lanoxin. Buy lanoxin without prescription, Jobs are designed to perform the basic functions or necessities of society. Lanoxin professional, The other four days of the week are devoted to work activities of teaching, learning, discount lanoxin, Order lanoxin cheap online, and healing the earth. It would also be a time to spend more quality time with family, discount lanoxin online, friends and to pursue one’s hobbies and special interests.

“Full employment can be defined as 90 percent unemployment. People will devote their time to build a green economy and one that is compatible with the Earth’s life-cycle. People will be liberated to participate in community-based research projects to help the poor and to protect the environment, buy lanoxin without prescription.

“Every six years people would get a two year paid sabbatical to travel to distant parts of the planet to help people in need and to work for healthy environments, green economies, peace and prosperity of the mind, body and spirit. In order for this to happen requires a skillful use of technology and a commitment to the future.”

Bunyan’s vision of a Society that Works reminds me of the {r} evolutionary transformation that Jimmy Boggs envisioned nearly 50 years ago in The American Revolution as automation and Hi Tech eliminated the need for human creativity and energies to make things. Those energies and that creativity, Jimmy said, could be used to make politics and a better world -- without war and without global warming.


RE-IMAGINING WORK: A conversation in Detroit, sponsored by over 15 community organizations. Oct. 28-30, 2011. SAVE THE DATE!!!!.

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