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By Sara Perryman, Detroit 2012

July 8-14, 2012

Because readers of The Michigan Citizen are probably curious about those visiting our city over the next two weeks for Detroit 2012: {Re}Imagine the World, Transform Ourselves, Fight for the Future. I’d like to introduce you to a few of them. Cheapest flovent online, Since a primary motivation for this gathering is to build an ongoing network of like-minded folk, it seems important to find out what other people are up to and why they are excited about Detroit.

But, buy discount flovent, first, Flovent online stores, a brief update on events thus far. Detroit 2012 started off with a heartfelt bang on Sunday evening, July 1, fda approved flovent, when over 500 people attended Grace’s 97th birthday party at the Museum of African American History. The program included the Detroit premiere of We Are Not Ghosts, a documentary film about new forms of work, community, and creativity in our city, buy flovent without prescription. Cheapest flovent prices, The following night, folks from coast to coast met at the Ecumenical Theological Seminary for opening ceremonies. The event encouraged participants to get to know one another around the dinner table and set the tone for a spiritually healing and intellectually nourishing gathering, buy flovent on internet.

So, Order flovent in canada, who might you meet if you decide to come join us. First, let me introduce Tai Amri Spann-Wilson and Michelle Puckett from Oakland, buy flovent generic, California. Buy flovent without prescription, Tai Amri is the co-pastor of a socially progressive church and a teacher in East Oakland. Buy generic flovent online, Michelle is a poet who runs a working-class poetry series and works at a disability rights organization in the Bay Area. Both have been deeply involved in the Occupy Movement and are inspired by the work of Grace Boggs. Because traveling to Detroit for two weeks isn’t cheap, low cost flovent, Tai Amri and Michelle started an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for their trip. Cheap flovent overnight delivery, The effort was so popular that IndieGoGo decided to put it on the front page of their website. Tai Amri and Michelle were able to reach their goal of $3500 and, as delegates of the Oakland Peace Center, are bringing enthusiasm and imagination to the gathering, buy flovent without prescription.

Jim Godsil and Emmanuel Pratt, longtime collaborators with the Boggs Center, buy cheapest flovent, will be coming from Milwaukee and Chicago, Online pharmacy flovent, respectively. Jim is the co-founder of Sweet Water Organics and the President of the Sweet Water Foundation. Emmanuel is an architect and the Executive Director of the Sweet Water Foundation, order discount flovent online. Currently, Order flovent on internet, he is also Director of the newly-formed Aquaponics Center and Professor of Urban Planning at Chicago State University. Buy flovent without prescription, Both are interested in the relationships between urban agriculture, new forms of education, and sustainable design systems. They come to Detroit with loads of experience, as well as excitement about local Detroit projects, buy flovent online cheap.

Dena Eakles and a crew from Echo Valley Farm in Wisconsin are joining us to learn and think creatively about urban and rural relationships. Flovent pill, Nestled in the Kickapoo River Valley, Echo Valley Farm is a 40-acre rustic retreat committed to sustainable engineering and design, including solar and wind power, flovent prices, water catchment, Flovent no rx, repurposing of materials, greenhouses, earthen ovens, order flovent no rx, and more. Because of the recent drought in the Midwest, Dena has indicated that some members who were planning on coming to Detroit may have to stay behind to tend animals and hand-water gardens. When nature calls, we must abide by her rhythms, buy flovent without prescription. However, we hope to see and welcome as many folks as they can spare.

All of these activists, as well as many others, have been participating in weekly conference calls to lay the groundwork for an ongoing national network that can share resources, ideas, expertise, and enthusiasm. The next two weeks will be a time to work together and show them our city and everything we have to offer. Come join us. For a detailed calendar and live tweets of daily activities, please visit

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