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Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership

March 25, 2013. Day One of the Occupation of Detroit

Time to Create Community Councils

Today is a sad day in Detroit, order seroquel online. Order seroquel no prescription, The usurpation of civic power by the State marks the end of the illusion that representative democracy has the capacity to secure the life, liberty and happiness of our people, cheapest seroquel. Generic seroquel, Grace Lee Boggs says, “It is time for the formation of a Detroit Council of Organizations which would include the City Council and all organizations working at the community level, seroquel buy drug. Order seroquel from us, This would be a place for discussion and struggle over direction. Each person should seize this time to do something positive in her/his neighborhood to create the beloved community, buy seroquel without prescription. It is also time to read and discuss articles on revolution.”

We do not recognize the authority of Kevyn Orr, cheap seroquel tablets, Cheapest generic seroquel, the State appointed Emergency Financial Manager.

We stand in solidarity with all those who resist his authority, seroquel pharmacy. Find seroquel, We stand in solidarity with all those who challenge his legitimacy.

We stand in solidarity with all those who recognize that the financial emergency used to justify this action has been orchestrated by right wing elites controlling state government, buy seroquel canada. Buy seroquel without prescription, We stand in solidary with all those who struggle for democracy and to protect community self-determination. Buy cheap seroquel internet, We call upon all citizens to respond to this moment by deepening the emerging democratic processes within our block clubs, neighborhoods, buy discount seroquel, Seroquel online stores, places of faith and civic life.

Our new Charter declares as the foundation of citizen rights that “City Government is a service institution that recognizes its subordination to the people;” that we have the right to expect our government to “advance, buy no rx seroquel, Low price seroquel, conserve, maintain and protect the integrity of the human, buy cheapest seroquel on line, Buy seroquel in us, physical and natural resources of this city from encroachment and /or dismantlement.”

We call upon all citizens to organize under the power of our Charter on a district wide basis to establish Community Councils. These Councils should assume the responsibility to “advance, cheap seroquel on internet, Seroquel bangkok, conserve, maintain and protect the integrity of the human, physical and natural resources of this city from encroachment and /or dismantlement.”

It is our right and responsibility to establish the ways and means to govern ourselves, within our own communities. We are constructing a new democracy, rooted in the history, wisdom and vision of our people.

Contact: Ron Scott & Shea Howell 313-282-7669.

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