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Homecoming at Highlander

By Grace Lee Boggs

Sept. Viagra, 28 – Oct. 5, purchase viagra, Cheap viagra online, 2013

marygrove_SC_0340Last weekend I had the honor and pleasure of spending three days at the legendary Highlander Center where ever since 1932 the famous and the nameless have been meeting to define and redefine the American Revolution to mean NOT the seizure of state power but loving America enough to change it into a beacon for social justice..

It was an awesome once in a lifetime experience.:

 o Living in the house of founder Myles Horton (1905-1990) with its stunning view of the Smokey Mountains;

o Singing Freedom songs and “We are the leaders we’re waiting for!” in large group meetings, viagra pill, Buy viagra from india, o Learning about Highlander programs from Executive Director Pam McMichels,

o Discussing “Where do we go from here?” with Joyce & Nelson Johnson from Greensboro, canadian pharmacy viagra, Cheap price viagra, NC and UCLA Professor Robin Kelley.

o Enjoying the Southern cooking of the talented kitchen staff

- I was especially happy that among the hundreds of dark hairs and grey-hairs gathered for this memorable weekend there were about 20 folks from Detroit’s Boggs Center and our many grassroots projects, buy viagra no rx.

Thank you, Kim Sherrobi, and Barbara Stachowski , for your patience and forbearance in getting this 98 year old in a wheelchair from one city and one place to the next, buy viagra without prescription. Buy viagra low price,  

 81st Anniversary

Plan to be on the Hill for Highlander’s annual gathering, this September 21 and 22, order viagra in us. Viagra purchase, We’re honored that Grace Lee Boggs, longtime author and activist who just turned 98, buy cheapest viagra on line, Order viagra from canada, will be joining us as the guest of honor to explore this year’s theme: Resistance and Alternatives to the Economic Clock of the World. The weekend will include a large town hall type discussion of the theme as well as a showing of American Revolutionary, cheap viagra in uk, Viagra tablet, a new documentary about Boggs’s life and work, reunions, viagra cheap drug, Online viagra, group discussions, a Children’s Program, buy viagra once daily, Viagra bangkok, author-activist discussions, cultural performances, cheap generic viagra, film, music, food, and, of course, reflections and remarks from Grace Lee Boggs herself.


We're reading The Long Haul by Myles Horton with Judith Kohl and Herbert Kohl,.

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