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This summer we commemorate what would have been the 90th birthday of James Boggs and celebrate the 46th anniversary of the publication of his groundbreaking American Revolution: Pages from a Negro Worker’s Notebook Extenze online without prescription, , which Monthly Review Press is re?issuing with new introductions.

It has been sixteen years since Jimmy passed away in 1993 – yet the questions he raised are more vital today than ever before. Buy extenze, James Boggs challenged all citizens, activists & radicals to stop “thinking like a minority,” by reclaiming ownership of our communities, price of extenze, our lives and our futures. Cheap extenze on internet, He asked, What is your vision for a new America. What is your vision for your community and your city, discount extenze overnight delivery. Today, there is no going back, extenze online without prescription. Passively accepting the “status quo” is no longer an option. Best price extenze, We must act to create a new future for ourselves, our communities our nation and the world. So we revisit Jimmy’s questions, extenze bangkok. What is our vision for a new Detroitand a new America and how will we get there. Extenze online without prescription, The Boggs Center nurtures activists, public intellectuals and leaders to think more deeply and dialectically as we consider the challenges before us and the implications of the choices we make in daily life. Extenze online pharmacy, We are challenged to take our answers back into the streets, into our communities, our homes and our lives – to walk the walk and show the way, order generic extenze. In Detroit we work through Detroit: City of Hope to bring artists, Extenze no rx, urban farmers, educators, organizers, extenze professional, students, Extenze buy online, peace and justice advocates, environmentalists, alternative media producers, buy extenze no prescription required, localentrepreneurs and poets together to help hundreds of positive, Cheapest generic extenze online, creative change agents already doing vital work throughout the city to realize that they are not alone and that their work is part of a much larger, more hopeful, more necessary whole, cheap extenze from usa. Nationally, Where to buy extenze, we are active in the Beloved Communities Network – witnessing, bringing home and building on the lessons of just and loving communities across the nation.

You can check out videos of Jimmy, order extenze cheap online, at the Boggs Center YouTube Channel. They recapture memories of Jimmy’s energy and passion for old friends and are a great way to share his message with new allies, extenze online without prescription. Overnight extenze, There are also several videos of Grace – deepening our thinking and creating new connections as she carries the work into the future – at age 94 (as of June 27). You can keep abreast of the work of the Boggs Center and our allies by visiting our website at www.boggscenter.org and plug into the thinking of members of the Boggs community at www.boggsblog.org. Detroit: City of Hope has its own flourishing new website at www.dcoh.org, no prescription extenze.

In this period of economic and planetary meltdown, Extenze vendors, it is important that each and all of us seize the time to imagine and begin creating new more human ways of working and living with one another.

We hope you will want to support and expand this work. You can make your donation either by clicking the “donate” link on any of those websites or by mail to Boggs Center, low price extenze, 3061 Field St., Detroit, MI 48214.

Thank you for your support and your work.


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