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Viagrx online without prescription, This June, the doors will open at the Evergreen Cooperative Laundry, a state-of-the-art, nearly $6 million facility in Cleveland, Ohio. Viagrx no prescription, What’s so special about this laundry. In a word, cheap viagrx no rx, Order viagrx on internet, ownership. The business will be 100 percent owned by its 50 employees, canada viagrx, Cheap viagrx tablets, virtually all of whom live in the surrounding community. Life is tough in this neighborhood, generic viagrx online, Buy viagrx no prescription required, where the poverty rate exceeded 30 percent and thousands of homes lay stripped and abandoned even before the current recession began.

In the midst of this urban distress, the Evergreen Laundry employee-owners will earn a living wage and health benefits, viagrx online without prescription. As members of the co-op, buy cheap viagrx, Viagrx from canada, they will enjoy greater job security than workers at more traditional businesses, and, viagrx in us, Order viagrx from canada, after seven years on the job, they will have built an ownership stake of as much as $65, buy viagrx generic, Cheap viagrx from uk, 000.

The laundry is the flagship of a wider network of Evergreen Cooperative businesses, purchase viagrx no rx, Cheap viagrx, part of an effort to transform the quality of life for Cleveland’s low- and moderate-income residents.

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